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About Us

Holy Family Mission was founded in 2001 by William Kane who was a Roman Catholic Deacon serving in Holy Family Parish of Gloucester and Rockport, Massachusetts. Originally, Deacon Kane hoped to raise enough money to purchase a truck for the nuns who worked in the area and who needed to travel over rough terrain to visit the families they served. Over the past 20 years, the mission has grown and with the untiring support of
Las Hermanas Dominicas de Fatima, has served thousands through its medical mission. Many of these patients suffer from the severe medical conditions that accompany poverty. In 2021, Holy Family Mission raised funds to purchase a new truck for the sisters to use in their work as they travel through muddy roads and across mountains to serve the poor.
In addition, we have supported more than a dozen young adults who have taken the first step out of poverty by achieving a university diploma, and we have provided micro loans to approximately 60 small business owners, making the difference for them between extreme poverty and meeting basic
needs. We have completely renovated the town’s water treatment facility; an important step when most illnesses we see in our clinics are the result of contaminated water.
In 2020, Holy Family Mission became a tax-exempt public charity as determined by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3). Donors’ contributions in support of our effort are fully tax deductible.

Who We Are

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How You Can Help


Our mission depends on the commitment of not only Holy Family missionaries, but also of those who have come to our mission from other communities and other faiths to support our work. We rely solely on private donations as we receive no financial support from the Archdiocese of Boston although we continue to find a spiritual home in Holy Family Parish. Most of our financial support comes through private solicitations and donations from those who believe in answering God's call to minister to the poor, and all donations go directly to our programs. Please visit our tab titled "Donate" to find out how you can help. Before doing this, please spend a few moments navigating our "Programs" tab to see the work that we are doing in Cevicos and be sure to browse the photos in our gallery. Contact us for more information by visiting the "Contact" tab on this website.

Thank you for visiting our site and allowing your life to be touched in a small, yet profound, way. Mother Teresa reminds us that we all cannot do great things in our lives, but we all can do some things with great love. What better way to show your love for your brothers and sisters than to assist in God's work to serve the poor? It is in the face of the poor that we most visibly see the face of Christ. Each person who has accepted the challenge to visit Cevicos has returned to his or her life a changed and enriched person. 

God loves those who love the poor. Dios te bendiga (God Bless You).

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