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Las Hermanas Dominicas de Nuestra
Senora Del Rosario de Fátima

The Holy Family Mission began, and continues today, as a partnership with a congregation of Catholic Missionary sisters, Las Hermanas Dominicas del Rosario de Fatima, (The Dominican Sisters of the Rosary of Fatima).

During the past twelve years, hundreds of Holy Family missionaries have had the opportunity to work beside these special women who dedicate their lives to serving Christ by loving the poor. Las Hermanas take a practical and realistic approach to addressing the tragic consequences of deep-rooted poverty, including untreated illness, malnutrition, abandonment of children, alcoholism, unemployment, ignorance, prostitution and domestic abuse.

Fortified in their faith by a discipline of daily prayer and worship, Las Hermanas confront these difficult realities with a trust in God, patience and dignity that brings hope and love to poor families.

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